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H2K-IEC – Integrated Health Management for RSD control

This is the  second presentation in the ARVTU series,  as you may have noticed a theme.
Ratoon Stunting disease (RSD) is widespread in Barbados and can result in serious economic losses.

This presentation will give some background to RSD generally and specifically H2K-IEC method for controlling it.


Coconut Thinktank

Are you interested in growing coconuts? Whether on a small or commercial scale there several factors which can influence how productive your coconut trees are.

At the recently conclude coconut think tank several presentations were made which covered the general agronomy, pests and diseases, post harvest handling for good water quality, an economic analysis of coconut farming profitability and the wide range of uses that all parts of the coconut can be put to.

Below you will find links to all the presentations made at the think tank.

The BSTA would like to thank the Agricultural Research and Variety Testing Unit at Groves, St. George, for allowing us use of their facility to host the think tank.







Coconut Water Quality




The Wonderful World of Coconut Products


Marble Amber – Somatic Embryogenesis for Disease-free Sugarcane

The is the first in a series of presentation  which were presented at the Agricultural Research and Variety Testing Unit’s recently concluded seminar.  Each of the presentation will be looking at technological solutions for solving existing problems in Barbados agriculture.

This presentation specifically looks at the use of somatic embryogenesis, a type of tissue culture, and a possible avenue for large scale production planting material free from Ratoon Stunting Disease a wide spread problem locally