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Barbadian Agriculture at the Crossroads

by Gerald Proverbs for the 16th Annual Technical Conference of the BSTA, 2000

Still a relevant analysis nearly 20 years later…

As we enter the 21st century, Barbadian agriculture is at a crossroads. The way it develops from here on will increasingly involve new directions. The analogy of a crossroads permits the various ideas/proposals suggested herein, and has been debated by many over the past three decades.

Barbadian Agriculture at the Crossroads.pdf

Flyash = Soot = Good News

By Colin Hudson for the 7th Annual Conference of the BSTA 1989

Like so many soil amendment questions, there is a shortage of hard facts about the value of flyash, but there is considerable circumstantial evidence for its benefits.

In the early 1960’s, when ash arrestors became common and flyash was available by the truckload, some enterprising farmers spread it on fields which were felt to be substandard. Invariably good responses were observed.

Flyash = Soot = Good News pdf