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A look at the ‘dry skin’ problem in yams

Michael James for the 7th Annual Conference of the BSTA 1989

‘Dry Skin’ or dry rot in yams is a disease found wide-spread in Barbados on the yam cultivars currently being grown here and indeed on nearly all the varieties of Dioscorea spp.

The causal agent is a nematode, Pratylenchus coffae which seems to work in association with a fungal organism and the disease causes both quantitative and qualitative damage to harvested tubers. (Brathwaite & Hutton, 1980)

A look at the ‘dry skin’ problem in yams pdf

H2K-IEC – Integrated Health Management for RSD control

This is the  second presentation in the ARVTU series,  as you may have noticed a theme.
Ratoon Stunting disease (RSD) is widespread in Barbados and can result in serious economic losses.

This presentation will give some background to RSD generally and specifically H2K-IEC method for controlling it.


Marble Amber – Somatic Embryogenesis for Disease-free Sugarcane

The is the first in a series of presentation  which were presented at the Agricultural Research and Variety Testing Unit’s recently concluded seminar.  Each of the presentation will be looking at technological solutions for solving existing problems in Barbados agriculture.

This presentation specifically looks at the use of somatic embryogenesis, a type of tissue culture, and a possible avenue for large scale production planting material free from Ratoon Stunting Disease a wide spread problem locally