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BSTA Conference 2015 – “Vinasse” as a Soil Amendment

Vinasse is a product of distillation of the beer (fermented Molasses-cane juice) for alcohol production. It is an aqueous effluent with suspended solids and is largely composed of water, organic matter and minerals elements. Vinasse can be a valuable organic fertilizer (mostly replacing potassium), as well as an important source of water replacement on the soil. Is it suitable as a fertilizer and soil amendment in Barbados?

By: Cesar A. Guerrero, Eng
Mount Gay Dist. – Consultant
Vinasse as a Soil Amendment

BSTA Conference 2015 – Towards a Marketable Sized Sweet Potato

A determination of the effect of single- and double-row planting on the yield of four sweet potato cultivars and to quantify economic feasibility of double-row planting of sweet potato as a production method within the BAMC setting.

By: Jacklyn Broomes and Anderson Eversley, BAMC

Towards a Marketable Sized Sweet Potato