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Growing Energy

Importing fuel and food are two major drains on foreign exchange reserves for Barbados.

If only there was a way to support local food production and  reduce our fuel imports.

Fortunately there is! Mr. Richard Archer of Armag Farms, gave a presentation, at the Annual technical conference of the BSTA,  on using high fibre cane and king grass to produce  bioenergy.

By using high fiber cane  and king grass it is possible to maintain the traditional crop rotation that preserves Barbadian soils for the production of root and vegetable crops.

If you want to know more the presentation is below, or ask a question here or at our facebook group

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Diversification of the Barbados Agricultural Sector

Mr. Peter Webster kindly presented on the topic of “Diversification” of the Barbadian agricultural sector, with a very informative review of some of what has been done in the past and what is possible for the future.

Below are links to bother the presentation and accompanying notes.
Diversification Presentation
Diversification – notes

BSTA Conference 2015 – “Vinasse” as a Soil Amendment

Vinasse is a product of distillation of the beer (fermented Molasses-cane juice) for alcohol production. It is an aqueous effluent with suspended solids and is largely composed of water, organic matter and minerals elements. Vinasse can be a valuable organic fertilizer (mostly replacing potassium), as well as an important source of water replacement on the soil. Is it suitable as a fertilizer and soil amendment in Barbados?

By: Cesar A. Guerrero, Eng
Mount Gay Dist. – Consultant
Vinasse as a Soil Amendment