Field tour to the future site of Walkers Reserve

Walker’s Reserve will be the future of the current Walker’s Sand Quarry when it ceases to operate. After many decades of supplying sand to the local construction industry the available sand is being exhausted and plans for the  future of the site as an eco-reserve are well underway.

Here is a link to some photographs of our tour.  There are some pictures of the plant nursery which is growing plant  for later stages of the regeneration project and which may be providing plant to the public for sale at a later date, and several of the various stages of that the project is at.

Walkers BSTA field tour

For more information on the project you can visit the Walker Reserve Website

Please contact the BSTA if there is something you wish to highlight regarding the use of technology in agriculture in barbados.


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About Andrew Stoute

Dr. Stoute obtained his PhD in Plant Biology from the University of Reading in 2009 working on photoperiodic control of flowering. He then took Post-Doctoral Researcher position at Rothamsted Research working on the developmental factors around parental regulation of seed size in oilseed rape (canola). He joined the staff of the West Indies Central Sugar Cane Breeding Station in 2011 as the Plant Geneticist, responsible for performing crosses from extensive germplasm collection to provide clients with improved sugarcane varieties. He also develops systems and programs to aid in the selection of the best parental material for those crosses.

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