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Sustainability and safety – musts for Recycling Centre

What seemed to start out as a waste transfer station at Vaucluse in St Thomas, set up to feed the land fill at Greenland, has now become the Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre Inc which was opened in early June this year. According to media reports, the Centre includes a transfer station, materials recovery and composting facilities as well as a chemical waste storage plant, and is set to become the new solid waste management nucleus for Barbados. Continue reading

Is the Ministry of Agriculture adequate?

We would like to commend the Minister on sprucing up the entrance to the Ministry of Agriculture’s offices at Graeme Hall by replacing the well worn signage. At least the new signs inform the public that there is in fact a Ministry of Agriculture and also project a positive image, but unfortunately image is not enough. It must be supported by effective action in the interest of the agricultural industry and of the country in general. Continue reading

Re-engineering the agricultural industry

When one hears supposedly well educated people raising questions like “Agriculture is dead isn’t it?”, it makes one realize that more effective communication with the public is necessary if the local agricultural industry is to be treated with the respect that it deserves. It is a major contributor to the local economy from the point of view of use of our precious natural resource “arable land”, food security, foreign exchange savings and earnings, as well as protection of the environment. Continue reading